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Working with BigDL on Microsoft’s Azure* Data Science Virtual Machine

Download BigDL from github sudo -s cd /opt git init git clone git checkout branch-0.1 Building BigDL with Spark* 2.0 cd BigDL bash -P spark_2.0

Automated Resize & GreyScale Images in S3 with Lambda

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=my access key id export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=my secret key export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=region # Change to your own unique S3 bucket name: source_bucket=sas-image-upload-bucket # Do not change this. Walkthrough code assumes this name target_bucket=${source_bucket}resized function=CreateThumbnailImage lambda_execution_role_name=lambda-$function-execution lambda_execution_access_policy_name=lambda-$function-execution-access lambda_invocation_role_name=lambda-$function-invocation lambda_invocation_access_policy_name=lambda-$function-invocation-access log_group_name=/aws/lambda/$function # Create S3 buckets aws s3 mb s3://$source_bucket aws s3 mb s3://$target_bucket # Upload sample photo wget -q -OHappyFace.jpg \ aws s3 cp HappyFace.jpg s3://$source_bucket/ # JavaScript code as listed in walkthrough #wget -q -O $function.js \ #