Automated Service Monitoring with F5, Consul and Python F5 SDK

from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot

# Connect to BIG-F5
mgmt = ManagementRoot("", "testuser", "testpassword")

# Get a list of all pools on the BigIP and print their names
pools =
for pool in pools:
    print("+++ \t",
    for member in pool.members_s.get_collection():
        print("\t--- \t",

# Create a HTTP Monitor for an F5 Pool
if'Common', name='F5Automation_HTTP_Monitor'):
    print ("HTTP Monitor Already Exists...")
else:"F5Automation_HTTP_Monitor", partition="Common")

# Load an existing pool and update its description
pool_a ='F5Automation', partition='Common')
pool_a.description = "F5Automation"
pool_a.monitor = "F5Automation_HTTP_Monitor"


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