Chaos Engineering Brings Stability to Your Distributed Systems

Jennifer Riggins from TheNewStack talks through Chaos Engineering and how it can be used to bring stability to large distributed container style systems.

I really like this articular in particle the Chaos Monkey toolkit they wrote for Docker called Pumba

Pumba is a chaos testing and network emulation tool for Docker.

with Pumba you can

  • Stop running Docker containers.
  • Kill the send termination signal. 
  • Remove containers.
  • Stop a random container once every ten minutes.
  • Kill a MySQL container every 15 minutes.
  • Kill random containers every 5 minutes.
  • Pause the queue for 15 seconds every 3 minutes.

In chaos engineering, as you try to achieve stability at scale, you experiment following these four steps:

Define that ideal state of the system’s normal behavior.
Create a control group and an experimental group.
Introduce real-world wrenches, like changing servers.
Try to find the difference or weakness between the control and what is crashing.


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