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Coming Next 1. Automate Network Management and Easier Deployments with Ansible 2. Taking Asterisk to the next level with Infrastructure as Code

Using PowerCLI and OS Customisations to Rapidly Provison a Q/A Environment

In this example below I've presented a PowerCLI script that will provision 20 desktop VMs to be used wihtin a Q/A testing process to support Automated Testing # We will name the VMs “QAVMUD-01”, “QAVMUD-02”..... Step 1:  Source Control Your Configuration a. Download GIT for Windows b. Create a new folder structure for your project e.g. mkdir c:\devops\irm\qabuild\git cd c:\devops\irm\qabuild\git git init --bare # which creates a new git repo c. Create a file to hold the list of static IPs you wish to assign ............ md c:\devops\irm\qabuild\working cd c:\devops\irm\qabuild\working git clone c:\devops\irm\qabuild\git Step 2: $strNameTemplate = “QAVMWSUD-{0:D2}” # QA / Virtual Machine / Windows / User Desktop / Two Digit 00...99 $objCluster = Get-Cluster LocalDC-Non-Production $objTemplatee = Get-Template QATMPLWIN8UD $objVMList = @() for ($i = 1; $i –le 20; $i++) { $strVMName = $strNameTemplate