Simplify, Automate and Speed-up REST API Testing

vREST is an automated REST API Testing Tool.

The vREST extension  records filtered HTTP requests and their responses in vREST application. This extension works as part of the hosted application vREST ( - An Online tool for Automated Testing, Mocking, Automated Recording and Specification of REST / RESTful / HTTP APIs).

 It is a very simple extension, which records the HTTP requests of web application under test and also records their parameters, headers, responses and it will automatically store them as test cases in vREST. It can be configured to filter out HTTP requests according to content type and URL pattern while recording.

Features include:
  • A simple and intuitive tool to quickly validate your REST APIs.
  • Deliver zero defect web applications with very less effort in API testing.
  • Works in hosted mode (
  • No skilled resources required to validate your web application.
  • Quickly generate documentation for your API specifications.
  • De-couple your frontend development with backend development with easy to use Mock Server.
  • Ease of maintenance over a span of releases.


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