Setup EMC ScaleIO Test Lab on Windows Host with VirtualBox + CentOS

The following is a step by step on how to create a 3 node Vagrant ScaleIO Cluster using

  • Microsoft Windows as the host operating system
  • Oracle VirtualBox as the Hypervisor
  • CentOS 6.5 i386 as the Guest Operating System
Step 1: Create a working folder structure for the test LAB on your hard drive e.g. 

Step 2: Download install Oracle VirtualBox.

Step 3: Download and install Vagrant.

Step 4: Jonas Rosland has created a 3 node startup LAB configuration which you can use to fast track deployment.   The quickest and easiest way to download this configuration is to git clone to the folder created above.   So open a command shell
      cd C:\emc\scaleio\vagrant-scaleio
      git clone

Step 5: Next you will need to download the relevant RPM packages for CentOS to support a ScaleIO installation from EMC.  You will need an EMC account for this so register at   Once registered download the following two ZIP files to a temp location on your computer

Step 6: Open a command shell and CD to the location where you stored the above files and do the following.

      cd C:\emc\scaleio\vagrant-scaleio-temp-downloads
      cd ScaleIO_1.31.1_Gateway_for_Linux_Download
      move *.rpm C:\emc\scaleio\vagrant-scaleio
      cd ../ScaleIO_1.31.1_RHEL6_Download
      move *.rpm C:\emc\scaleio\vagrant-scaleio

Once you've that completed if you do a DIR in the folder C:\emc\scaleio\vagrant-scaleio you should be left with something like this


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