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Basic Batch Script Backup MySQL Tables To Separate Files

This is a very crude example of how to use a windows batch script to backup each table within a mysql database to an individual sql file in a folder. @ECHO OFF FOR /F %%G IN ('"echo show tables | mysql -s -u user -ppassword mydatabase"')  DO mysqldump -s -u user --password=password mydatabase %%G > t:\mysqlbackup\tables\%%G.sql

Transfer XML Files Faster With No Data Loss

If you develop software solutions that require the transfer of large XML files between computer systems accross a distributed network or if you are developing software for devices with limited computational resources such as memory or available bandwidth, OpenEXI can substantially enhance the performance of your software. What is OpenEXI? OpenEXI is an open source Java implementation that provides tools you can use to transform XML files to Efficient XML Interchange (EIX) format and back. This transformation can be performed very quickly with no risk of data loss. What is EXI? EXI (Efficient XML Interchange) is a more concise method of describing XML documents. To find out more please visit the OpenEXI web site Or watch this quick introduction.

JBoss Stops Responding For Time Period

Somehting you will notice if you are running JBoss from behind a firewall is that it can take a long time to respond to some events. This is becasue JBoss is trying to resolve external references to xsd files. You should see messages similar to this in your log files 16:07:03,071 WARN  [JBossEntityResolver] Trying to resolve systemId as a non-file URL: To get around this and to speed things up you need to change the reference in persistence.xml to a local xsd file Like this Step 1: Download persistence_2_0.xsd, and place it in your META-INF folder. Step 2: Change persistence.xml to point to local file reference <persistence version="2.0"  xmlns=""         xmlns:xsi=""  xsi:schemaLocation="file://persistence_2_0.xsd">

First Comp, Good Weekend

A good enough weekend, didn't throw that well on Saturday but it was my first competition in a long time. So can only get better.  Need a lot of work to improve my throwing technique Its a great hobby outside computers.  Next event will be the Kerry County Masters on 27th May this year. Anyway time to get back to the serious work.

A break from technology

At last its time for my first athletics competition in over 15 years. My last competition was in 1997, a life time ago.  I was an average sprinter in those days 200m and 400m. About 18 months ago I started to get fit again. But its surprising how quickly the bug catches you, I started with a pretty basic routine 3 days per week but after a couple of months I already found myself trainign 5 to 6 times a week and enjoying it. About 6 months ago I decided I'd put all that training to use, and I started to focus in on a specific event. I never did any throwing events before. So I thought the shot put would be the easiest to learn.   Could I be more wrong.  For an event that looks very simple on TV, its a lot more complex.  But its good to learn something new. Anyway first competition tomorrow. The Leevale Games 2012 The European Junior 1500m silver-medallist Ciara Mageean will be taking part and I can't w

DFDL Implementation

Excellent presentation from Steve Hanson IBM, explaining DFDL and its implementation within IBM Websphere Message Broker v8.0 DFDL Implementation - Modeling Text and Binary Data using WebSphere Message Broker V8