skipfish - web security testing

SKIPFISH is an automated, active web application security assessment tool.

SKIPFISH can be used to run  a series of tests on a website or web application to help identify potential secuirty risks.

SKIPFISH will classify risks discovered as high, medium and low.

Example risks are

  • Server-side SQL injection 
  • Explicit SQL-like syntax in GET or POST parameters.
  • Server-side shell command injection
  • Server-side XML / XPath injection 
  • Format string vulnerabilities.
  • Integer overflow vulnerabilities.

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  1. Great tool, I heard about it before. I create software that makes life easier, but often I do not have enough strength and energy to test my code, then I turn to him I have been collaborating with them, the good guys, quality testing software, is very pleased with their work. They told me about this tool, it is a high quality, as safety is paramount.


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