Cloudyn Addresses the Economics of Public Cloud Computing

Cloudyn is the first service that allows people to optimize and control their costs for public cloud computing such as Amazon.

In summary Cloudyn will 
  • Help you change your image provisioning and price plans at Amazon so that you can achieve the results that you want at the lowest possible cost. 
  • Lead to higher usage of public cloud services such as Aamazon as their price/performance trade-off can now be better managed.
  • Put additional pressure on internal IT departments and external IT service providers to provide the same kind of data and management options to their internal business funcitons and customers.
Cloudyn is at a very early stage. They will need to extend the service to allow more sophisticated analysis of how cloud images are provisioned and utlised as a result of application specific performance demands such as transaction throughput, response times, concurrency etc

they will also need to extend the service to work with other cloud vendors i.e. Microsoft Azure.

Will cloud vendors allow continue to allow them access to the API such as Amazon CloudWatch API?

In an effort to provide a more complete service Cloudyn will most likely partner with application performance management service providers such as DynaTrace.


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