ULTRAESB - Poll a directory for a file with a specific pattern and upload it with an authenticated HTTP PUT

<u:proxy id="file-proxy">
    <u:transport id="file">
        <u:property name="url" value="file:///hunt/pixmania/orders/incoming"/>
        <u:property name="fileNamePattern" value=".*\.pxml"/>
        <u:property name="startDelay" value="1000"/>
        <u:property name="repeatInterval" value="1000"/>
        <!--<u:property name="concurrent" value="true"/>-->
        <!--<u:property name="cronExpression" value="0 * * ? * MON-FRI"/>-->
        <u:property name="moveAfterProcess" value="/hunt/pixmania/orders/processed"/>
        <u:property name="moveAfterFailure" value="/hunt/pixmania/orders/failed"/>
        <u:property name="moveTimestampFormat" value="yyyy_MM_dd_'T'HH_mm_ss.SSSSZ"/>
                String fileName = msg.getFirstTransportHeader("FileName");
                System.out.println("Got file : " + fileName);
                mediation.addPreemptiveBasicAuthentication(msg, "trevor", "password");
                msg.addMessageProperty("HTTP_METHOD", "PUT");


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