Working with CSV files made simple with Websphere MBT and DFDL

Working with CSV files and mapping them from/to any of the WebSphere Message Broker domains is a lot easier with the support for DFDL files in version 8.0

Using DFDL files you can easily create message flows to parse and serialize CSV messages to and from any of the WebSphere Message Broker domains.

For example I'd a project where I needed to capture order information from several third party marketplaces.

Each marketplace offered different methods for accessing the most recent order information for our account. For example

Web Services Interface

In addition each marketplace used a different format sometimes XML based and sometimes CSV based to describe orders placed.

Using the DFDL its a lot easier to create a mapping  between these various marketplace formats and in turn creates a standard output XML format that is suitable for our in house ERP system.


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