Testing MBT SoapInput Node from VB.NET

Once you've loaded and deploy the SOAP Node Samples project you can add a web service reference in Visual Studio 2088 (Project / Add Web Reference). Enter the URL http://localhost:7800/acmeOrders/WADDR/ProcessOrders?wsdl

In my case I added the reference name "orders"

So from within my Visual Basic.NET code

Dim vOrders As New orders.OrderService()
Dim vRequest As New orders.submitPORequest()
Dim vResponse As New orders.submitPOResponse()
vRequest.partNo = tPartNo.Text
vRequest.address = New orders.submitPORequestAddress()
vRequest.personName = New orders.submitPORequestPersonName()
vRequest.personName.firstName = tFirstname.Text
vRequest.personName.lastName = tLastname.Text
vRequest.address.street = tStreet.Text
vRequest.address.zipCode = tZipCode.Text
vRequest.address.city = tCity.Text
vResponse = vOrders.submitPO(vRequest)
tStatus.Text = vResponse.orderStatus

Below is a screenshot. Its nothing too difficult but it just gets your VB.NET application talking with an MBT Message Flow.


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