Sample Conflict Resolution File for Plesk Restore

This is a sample conflict resolution file for Plesk which can be used during a restore

Change to your domain and the IP address to your new shared IP address

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<rule conflict-guid="3fa1491e30551a7e3d1800bcc04077e1" conflict-id="0">
 <node children-processing-type="" name="domain">
     <attribute name="id" value="4"/>
     <attribute name="guid" value="D68A3BF8-9C79-4072-A65F-8B25A02C7BC9"/>
     <attribute name="owner-guid" value="B416FF5A-136E-49F2-87B5-AEE13717F68B"/>
     <attribute name="name" value=""/>
            <rename new-name="ip-type:shared:ip-address:"></rename>


  1. Man that was helpful!

    Thanks for your share, keep up the good ones...



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