Mango Features for Business Users

What can business users expect from Mango

1. Mobile access to documents
Mango will add the ability to share and save documents though Office 365.

2. Pinnable e-mail folders
You'll be able to pin specific e-mail folders or RSS feeds to the start screen.

3. E-Mail server search
Mango will add the ability to search for old e-mail stored on the server, not just on phone.

4. Support for Lync
Microsoft's unified communications platform, will be available as a free download around the time Mango is released.

5. Support for stronger passwords
At the moment you can only use simple PINS but with Mango you will be able to set morecomplex alpha-numeric passwords, which will improve security.

6. Information Rights Management
Support for additional security, tracking and blocking policies around emails and documents.

7. Support for hidden Wi-Fi netowrks.
The ability to connect to corporate WLANs which have hidden SSIDs.


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