Configure OBM Client Backup on CentOS

Creating a new profile on

Step 1
Delete old configuration file
rm /root/.obm/config/config.sys

Step 2
Run Configurator

Step 3
Enter a new username/password

Step 4
Enter a server URL

Step 5
Select Protocol HTTP or HTTPS

Step 6
Do you want to use a Proxy server?

Step 7

It will find your Backup Sets and list them

Step 8
Select the type of encrypting algorithm ? (1) Twofish (2) AES (3) Triple DES (4) No encryption :

Step 9

Enter your encryption key. Very important if you loose this you cannot restore your data in the future.

Step 10.
Enter it a second time.

Step 11.
Select Encrypting Mode ? (1) ECB (2) CBC : 1
Step 12.
Do you want to run scheduled backup on this computer, I normally select yes.


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