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SolarWinds latest tool lets you shut down & restart VMware machine

SolarWinds latest tool lets you shut down & restart VMware machines without logging into vCenter™ or vSphere™. It also gives you constant visibility into your VMware environment & up/down status of your VMware apps. Free VM Console Highlights: Bounce VMs without logging into vCenter/vSphere End-to-end visibility into your VMware environment- from vCenter through ESX hosts to VM guest Track the real-time up/down status of your VMs from your desktop

Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist This appeared up on Server version: 5.1.57 when ever I'd run  the FLUSH PRIVILEGES command from within mysql To resolve this  USE mysql; CREATE TABLE `servers` ( `Server_name` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Host` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Db` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Username` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Password` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Port` INT ( 4 ) DEFAULT NULL , `Socket` CHAR ( 64 ) DEFAULT NULL , `Wrapper` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , `Owner` CHAR ( 64 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `Server_name` )  ) ENGINE = MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = utf8 COMMENT = 'MySQL Foreign Servers table'   However a better way to solve this problem after carrying out an update is to run the mysql fix script  mysql_fix_privilege_tables to ensure the ‘mysql’ database contains all the needed tables etc.

MySQL Error Invalid Table or Database Name

We upgraded our MySQL server recently which ran several Joomla web sites After the upgrade we discovered the following error in the mysql log files 090425 23:10:52 [ERROR] Invalid (old?) table or database name 'database-name' It turns out MySQL does not like the use of - in database names. One solution is to rename the MySQL database changing the - to an _ Then update the mysql dictionary UPDATE mysql.db SET Db = 'database_name' WHERE Db = 'database\-name'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

Mango Features for Business Users

What can business users expect from Mango 1. Mobile access to documents Mango will add the ability to share and save documents though Office 365. 2. Pinnable e-mail folders You'll be able to pin specific e-mail folders or RSS feeds to the start screen. 3. E-Mail server search Mango will add the ability to search for old e-mail stored on the server, not just on phone. 4. Support for Lync Microsoft's unified communications platform, will be available as a free download around the time Mango is released. 5. Support for stronger passwords At the moment you can only use simple PINS but with Mango you will be able to set morecomplex alpha-numeric passwords, which will improve security. 6. Information Rights Management Support for additional security, tracking and blocking policies around emails and documents. 7. Support for hidden Wi-Fi netowrks. The ability to connect to corporate WLANs which have hidden SSIDs.

“Mango” Available. Windows Phone Developer Tools

I develop software that runs on mobile devices including PDAs, iPhone and most recently which uses the Microsoft Windows Phone. What is Mango? Mango is the code name for The Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta. For those interested you can download the 7.1 Beta Tools from here . The Windows Phone Developer Tools includes the following •Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 (Beta) •Windows Phone Emulator (Beta) •Silverlight 4 SDK and DRT •Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Referesh Windows Phone Extensions •Microsoft Expression Blend SDK Preview for Windows Phone 7.1 •WCF Data Services Client for Window Phone 7.1

New X-CART Has Memcache Options

One thing I really like about the new x-cart versions is that they allow you to use memcache to cache data In the root x-cart folder in config.php you can specify to use memcache define('USE_MEMCACHE_DATA_CACHE', true); define('MEMCACHE_SERVER_ADDRESS', 'localhost'); define('MEMCACHE_SERVER_PORT', 11211); Now the only problem is that it only uses one memcache server so you either use the server you are running x-cart on or else dedicate a server specific for caching

Configure OBM Client Backup on CentOS

Creating a new profile on Step 1 Delete old configuration file rm /root/.obm/config/config.sys Step 2 Run Configurator /usr/local/obm/bin/ Step 3 Enter a new username/password Step 4 Enter a server URL Step 5 Select Protocol HTTP or HTTPS Step 6 Do you want to use a Proxy server? Step 7 It will find your Backup Sets and list them Step 8 Select the type of encrypting algorithm ? (1) Twofish (2) AES (3) Triple DES (4) No encryption : Step 9 Enter your encryption key. Very important if you loose this you cannot restore your data in the future. Step 10. Enter it a second time. Step 11. Select Encrypting Mode ? (1) ECB (2) CBC : 1 Step 12. Do you want to run scheduled backup on this computer, I normally select yes.

Replace Your MySQL Server with Percona Server

Percona Server is an drop-in replacement for MySQL. It has better performance and it provides far better slow-log diagnostics In addition with Percona Server: 1. Query times are faster and more consistent. 2. Because of this you can introducing techniques such as data sharding 3. Save costs with less hardware upgrades 4. Better uptime with less system administration and tuning

X-CART Static Pages for X-Mall

Static Pages for x-mall in x-cart by BCS is a very useful add-on for allowing providers create static pages for example specific terms and conditions, refund policy etc This mod allows each provider to have their own static pages on their store front!

X-CART : Give Each Provider Standalone Shop Front

BCS have a very neat module for x-cart that allows you give each provider there own sub domain For example etc