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UK IP Addressing and Amazon

Something that came to my attention recently is that Amazon Cloud Solutions i.e. EC2 Instances etc cannot supply a customer with a UK registered IP address which they can assign to either an Elastic IP or and Elastic Load Balancer IP. This creates problems for companies seeking high google rankings

Shard-Query - Improve MySQL Query Performance

Shard-Query is an open source tool kit which helps improve the performance of queries against a MySQL database by distributing the work over multiple machines and/or multiple cores. Visit MySQL Performance Blog - Shard-Query

Monitoring Bandwidth Usage on CentOS

Recently I came across a very neat tool for monitoring bandwidth usage on CentOS It takes about 5 minutes to install / configure with yum repos. Have a read through "Monitoring bandwidth usage with vnStat under CentOS 5 Linux"

Custom XCF Example

This is an example custom XCF file for Four Js GAS. In this example I've set custom environment variables, set the path for the working application directory, specified a specific module and passed in a parameter. One handy use of an XCF file like this is that I can setup several for example say I have 5 weighbridges and I run a 4Js application to capture the weight etc of each truck as it passes over the weighbridge I can setup an XCF for each weighbridge passing in the parameter 1, 2, 3, to the same program weighbridge.42r <APPLICATION Parent="defaultgdc"   xmlns:xsi=""   xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">   <EXECUTION AllowUrlParameters="TRUE">         <ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE Id="DBDATE">DMY4/</ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE>         <ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE Id="GREDIR">f:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\FOURJS\GRE\</EN

Reference Remote DB in 4js Genero

In your fglprofile in $FGLDIR/etc to access remote MySQL databases dbi.default.driver = "dbmmys51x.dll" dbi.database.rdb.source = "remote_db@remote_host:3306" dbi.database.rdb.driver = "dbmmys51x" dbi.database.rdb.username = "remoteuser" dbi.database.rdb.password = "remotepassword" Remote host can be valid hostname or else and IP address e.g.

OpenLayers for Web Based Maps

OpenLayers is a JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers. Its 100% javascript based and is a possible solution for developing GIS based solutions on the web. http:/ /

Get Amazon Orders for the Last Two Hours

$tmptime = time() - (3600*2); $ordertime=date("Y-m-d H:i:s",$tmptime); $request->setCreatedAfter(new DateTime($ordertime, new DateTimeZone('UTC')));