Update SSL Cert on Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

If you have an SSL certificate associated with a HTTPS Load Balancer on Amazon Cloud

Here are the steps to update it

At the command prompt type the following to upload your new certificate to the IAM Service

$> iam-servercertupload -b /tmp/newsslcert.pem -k /tmp/my-private-key.pem -s MySiteSSL -v

Make sure to use the -v switch, we need the output for the next step.

you should see something like this


You will need the ARN Amazon Resource Name which in this case is

Now use elb-set-lb-listener-ssl-cert using a https listener i.e. 443

$> elb-set-lb-listener-ssl-cert trevors-lb --lb-port 443 --cert-id arn:aws:iam::55119xxxxxxx:server-certificate/MySiteSSL


  1. Thanks Trevor, I have been trying to do this for the last 2 hours, when you buy a ssl certificate i did not know i was going to have to update it some many times. I have bookmark this just in case i ever need to do it again.


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