Process CSV Files with VB.NET

An example CSV file containing the following record

"Firstname", "Surname", "Date-Time-Entered","Items"
"Trevor","O Connell","26/02/2009 18:01:00","12"

Dim fName, sName,sDate,sTime,readLine,strfilename,textdelimiter as String
Dim tmpDate as DateTime
Dim nItems as Integer
Dim splitLine() As String
Dim objStreamReader As StreamReader

filename = Server.MapPath("~/app_data/sampledata.csv")
objStreamReader = File.OpenText(filename)

' Read and Ignore Header
readLine = objStreamReader.ReadLine()

textdelimiter = ","`

While objStreamReader.Peek() <> -1
readLine = objStreamReader.ReadLine()

' Check if its a blank line if so ignore.
If LTrim(RTrim(readLine)) <> "" Then
splitLine = Split(readLine, textdelimiter)
sFname = = splitout(0).Replace("""", "")
sSname = = splitout(1).Replace("""", "")
tmpDate = splitout(2).Replace("""", "")
sDate = tmpDate.Date.ToShortDateString.ToString
sTime = tmpDate.TimeOfDay.ToString
nItems = splitout(3).Replace("""", "")
' Process the each record as you wish

End If
End While


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